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Bookbinding Tools

I’m mad about my tools. Either I’m looking for new ones, or looking for some storage solution for them. When I first came to Ireland 9 years ago (time has flown!), I left most of my clothes and shoes at home to make room for my books, photo albums and…craft tools. Among these tools is my set of screw drivers from when when I worked in Manila in 2000, bought from a street seller in Binondo. In the last 17 years I’ve moved places, left Manila and moved back home with my parents in Mindanao, then later moved in my apartment in town, and eventually left the Philippines to move all the way to Europe, still with my box of trusty screw drivers travelling along. I have more than screw drivers now to be honest, because one cannot have enough hobbies. True story.

Moving on, I’m pleased to announce I am stocking some basic bookbinding tools in the shop. If you know someone who loves bookbinding or is interested to learn, please share. It’s a limited stock, pop me a message if you need more than what’s listed.

Thank you, have a lovely week! xx