Being still

Where have all the months gone to? We’re now again almost to the end of the year. The seasons have changed, the temperature has dropped and it’s harder to get up in the mornings now. Time flies and life flies and I’ve been too busy this year to sit still and think. Even holidays were hurried and work was sneaked in one too many times. I’m my own ultimate slave driver when it comes to work but suck at minding myself well. It’s a painful wake-up call, but the grey hairs on my head are screaming for rest. “Mind yourself” is often carelessly thrown around as an afterthought, but I’m literally taking up that advice now. I’m sitting still and listening to myself, eating well and sleeping well and taking naps whenever possible. I have been feeling good and somehow the heart found its voice again to tell me where I must be.

Wherever you are in your own personal journey, I wish you all the strength you need. And hugs, loads of them.

xx Odette

Photo: sunset in Phoenix Park, taken a couple of months ago I think on a drive home from work with a friend.

Crochet Lace Tapes

I’m delighted to share that these crochet lace tapes are now available in the shop.

They’re available in 2 designs and 4 colours – pink and beige and white and pale pink.

These tapes are lovely for sealing envelopes (wedding invites!), wrapping up packages and even to embellish gift tags or scrapbook pages.

Please check out the swann&smerlin shop for more packaging supplies such as these spools of pink and purple baker’s twines.

If you have inquiries on new and upcoming products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

xx Odette

packages and strings

wrapping up packages would have to be my most favorite job in the world.

about 6-7 years ago i worked a highly stressful job. on rare moments, i’d wander in the shopping centre on a weekend and sigh every time i see the gift-wrapping corner. i know deep in my heart that was my ultimate dream job. i think know that is the reason why i love keeping my online shops despite sales being so slow. i love, love, love strings and buttons and tapes and brown paper! the nicest feedbacks i have received in my shop refer to my packaging and that is an accomplishment for me. i’ve done my job!

talking about packages, this lovely thing would make a useful addition for your crafting table. this spool of natural jute twine will go a long, long way for your packages. plus the little bird will keep your twine neat and tidy. available on my etsy shop.

treat yourself to something nice and sweet from the post.

shop here or here.

thank you for reading, have a lovely week! ♥

and…i’m back!

we were off for a short holiday on a small island in the west of ireland on the last week of may.

we had fantastic weather, sunburn, scrumptious meals, and the most amazing views.

on the other hand, it was the week before a deadline at work and had to work everyday on my laptop! it was frustrating and stressful that while the sun gloriously shone, i was stuck inside the hotel and the husband and MIL were off wandering around the island. work + holiday = no, no!

nevertheless, i was able to snap a few pictures on days i defied my slave-driver self.


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you may also view the set on flickr.

the website is almost up!

The husband and I have been working very hard the last two weeks on our website. We’re both newbies on making websites so it was pretty tough. It’s great to have the cat around as he’s a wonderful source of calm and amusement at the same time.

We’re hoping to go “live” with the webshop next week!

Happy a lovely weekend!