packages and strings

wrapping up packages would have to be my most favorite job in the world.

about 6-7 years ago i worked a highly stressful job. on rare moments, i’d wander in the shopping centre on a weekend and sigh every time i see the gift-wrapping corner. i know deep in my heart that was my ultimate dream job. i think know that is the reason why i love keeping my online shops despite sales being so slow. i love, love, love strings and buttons and tapes and brown paper! the nicest feedbacks i have received in my shop refer to my packaging and that is an accomplishment for me. i’ve done my job!

talking about packages, this lovely thing would make a useful addition for your crafting table. this spool of natural jute twine will go a long, long way for your packages. plus the little bird will keep your twine neat and tidy. available on my etsy shop.

treat yourself to something nice and sweet from the post.

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thank you for reading, have a lovely week! ♥

and…i’m back!

we were off for a short holiday on a small island in the west of ireland on the last week of may.

we had fantastic weather, sunburn, scrumptious meals, and the most amazing views.

on the other hand, it was the week before a deadline at work and had to work everyday on my laptop! it was frustrating and stressful that while the sun gloriously shone, i was stuck inside the hotel and the husband and MIL were off wandering around the island. work + holiday = no, no!

nevertheless, i was able to snap a few pictures on days i defied my slave-driver self.


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