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i am very sleepy but wants this long-delayed post up before i go to bed as i am busiest on Tuesdays. i’m numbering what i want to say because i can’t seem to make coherent paragraphs at the moment.

  1. i did intend to post this 2 weekends ago, but truth be told, i got caught up (again) with my Korean drama. ’nuff said.
  2. i am back from lala-land though (i am convincing myself) and back to binding books again. my eco supplies has arrived finally last week and i’m on the roll folding and pressing paper.
  3. we went cycling last Saturday on the new opened road close to where we live, because the new cycle paths were fantastic. it was brilliant.
  4. my legs felt stronger too; my right knee used to complain after an hour of cycling or so. morning yoga seems to be paying off now. although the last time i was stretching in the living room, the husband commented “i can hear your bones cracking”. ouch. (he’s exaggerating!)
  5. back to the weekend – the weather was absolutely lovely. everyone had their sleeves and hems rolled up in the town centre, big smiles all around. later that evening we would hear someone singing off key from their back garden. too long happy hours.
  6. talking about singing, we have a karaoke machine and the husband brought it out again last Sunday. when he got bored he played a song i sang ages ago which he had recorded (i’m not sure how he got away with it). he rolled laughing from start to finish. i seem to have the knack in hitting all the wrong notes. life is so unfair sometimes.
  7. going back to the weather- it is amazing. is this really happening? i mean, i’m still in Ireland, right? it was so warm even the cats preferred to snooze inside the house today. i popped a Zyrtek (cetirizine) when i woke up this morning and the world is beautiful once again. can’t wait when july is over though.
  8. for someone who didn’t know what to write tonight, this is getting a little bit long. and i wanted to write about the journals! anyhoo, for now, here are pictures of the handmade journals i finished 2 weeks ago. i have more but i haven’t photographed them yet. i am so happy with these!

DSC_8306 DSC_8309

again, if you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me. i should write more about the journals next time. i promise.


and lastly, enjoy these dramatic pictures of Tom. isn’t he gorgeous?

i got shredded earlier when i kissed his fluffy stomach. he was grumpy and i forgot it’s only Pippi who allows that.


thank you for being here. goodnight!

xx Odette



I left the door open to my flower-less back garden as I sipped my cup of coffee. Wool wash is churning gently in the washing machine. The grass has been cut shortly before the rain came and it smelled good. Pippi is hiding behind my raised flower bed, stalking the birds. Tom is softly snoring on the sofa. We make our own associations based on our individual experiences when we are asked what “home” means to us. My definition has evolved having moved so far from our families. I struggled with it for a while, felt lost. It has been a slow process of discovering what works for me and for our little family, until I realized the most essential component is there already in abundance – LOVE in all its beautiful forms. Inspired, I started working towards the physical comforts and manisfestations of this love. Nothing grand, just simple things like a vase of fresh flowers and lighted candles for dinner. Through the years I’ve slowly made little corners for myself to nurture me, heal me, inspire me. Yes, I’m home. I’ve been home all along.

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[ Our new dining area got a bit of a make-over when we had to replace our tiny fridge with a bigger one – which didn’t leave  enough space for the old table. Yay! (I love changes!) Dining table and chairs are from Ikea and cushions are from the Carolyn Donnelly eclectic collection for Dunnes. ]

While I go nurse myself from a really really really really bad hay fever, I leave you with pictures of my babies.

Till next time.

xx Odette