Cooking with Kale and Garlic

last weekend, i bought a bag of kale from the supermarket with so much apprehensions. why? i’ve only eaten it once as a dried, flavoured snack from the health shop. two, i have absolutely no idea how i’m going to cook it. Kj asked me why my hesitations when there’s youtube! hah, so off the bag of kale to the trolley. i have read a lot about Kale in the past, how it’s packed with super vitamins and exceptional health benefits. some people regularly juice it with apples or even make smoothies with it.

kale and garlic

i spent a good part of my morning yesterday browsing for a simple recipe for Kale. and youtube being the rabbit hole that it is, did not disappoint. i not only found my simple recipe but as well as a great new way to enjoy garlic! i must confess my love affair with garlic, something about its smell when sauteed that takes me back to my parents’ kitchen. whenever i cook with garlic, it takes me closer home. my dad cooks with it all the time. yes, my dad is the best cook in the world, please don’t contradict. 🙂

anyhoo, this so simple recipe tasted so good we ate our supply of garlic for the next two months in one sitting. i baked two whole bulbs last night and the result was nothing short of divine. it was creamy, smelled wonderful and the taste! you have to taste it yourself to believe. i scattered it over my kale, all of the garlic and it gave such flavour we enjoyed it immensely! we also did spread it over our fried salmon and it was gorgeous.

i’m a little worried how i smell now though. deadly, no doubt.

here’s the youtube video for the roasted garlic:

Roasted garlic (i don’t know how to embed the video)

and our verdict for Kale? we LOVED it! it definitely goes to my small repertoire of weekly dinners.  i eventually made up the recipe myself, ask me in the comments section if you’re interested.

xx Odette

2 thoughts on “Cooking with Kale and Garlic

  1. Yum! I only cooked Kale once and I did it with sesame seeds and lime juice. Unfortunately, the recipe was on the bag, so Iost it.

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