and i’m back again


it’s always difficult for me to write about something when i’ve been away for so long.

so many things have happened in between – some major, like:

♥ quit my job (sigh…of relief)

♥ rescued and adopted a new kitten (yay!)

pippi{ how she looked like when we took her home }


{ last february }

and some minor like:

♥  re-doing my craft room (still a work in progress!)

♥ going back to TCD for dutch lessons; taking the dutch language exam last month; passing said exam

i’m feeling a bit bold with my Dutch at the moment, so i decided to do a 2nd state examination this May for a higher niveau. we’ll see how that pans out!

there’s more to tell, but it’s dinner time and i have something good in the oven which i can’t resist myself. (doesn’t happen very often, mind you!) so i’ll leave with a picture of my darling Tom who hangs around wherever i am. asleep, of course.


have a lovely weekend. xx

One thought on “and i’m back again

  1. I still have a link to your old blog, found your etsy shop that finally brought me here. So good to see you blog again.


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